Living holistically

Fun fact – Google, the periodic table, the structure of our DNA and “Yesterday” by The Beatles were all ideas that were conceived in dreams.

Having a dream, a passion that guides us is a wonderful motivation for pushing us to pursue things we love. Those are the ones that give us balance in comparison to time spent at work and balance is needed if we want to be happy.

Recently, I’ve enrolled myself on a course of finding happiness and I’m loving the lessons learned. Some were already known to me and some needed to be honed out by practice. But, what I know now for sure (and have known whole my life, really) is that I need to approach my work-life relationship holistically. What was once a simple concept, today it is challenged and finding balance is tricky. So tricky we now have a legislatives securing our right to disconnect. Well, at least in some countries.

Living holistically, finding that balance in life and educating myself constantly on the well-being is my favourite pleasure time. I am one of those people who are convinced a majority of our health related problems start with a bad nutrition, so spending time researching nutrition and testing the recipes is something that brings me joy. I am also doing my best to practice mindfulness and be super present when making decisions, so my favourite way of unwinding is wellness.

What are your top 3 ways of spending time outside of work?

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